about us

We only have one planet to live on and the way we are treating our home is causing untold suffering on a global scale. It may seem like an impossible dream, to save the world, but this is the cornerstone of the mission and vision of True Green. .

True Green was founded in 2021 to solve a world-wide issue – reducing the amount of carbon produced via phantom loads. Our founders are industry experts in fields such as entrepreneurship, agriculture, software engineering, education, and robotics – all are united in the vision to make a lasting, positive change on our world.

True Green,

Keystone of your

green world.

the foundations

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Our values

We believe that each person is called to be a steward of the planet, and that by working together we can make a positive impact on the world. 

We believe in communities, we believe in sustainability, we believe in the power of people. 

Our philosophy

We are built on a foundation of sustainability. Each aspect of our business is geared towards enhancing the Earth through technology and sustaining a world-wide green movement. Our guiding principles are centered on global impacts through consumer adoption. We have four pillars of our business: sustainability, affordability, convenience, and rewards. For global change to be made at record pace, all four of these aspects need to be reflected in our products and services.

Meet the Team


Tanvir Ahsan


Azman Sami
MS - ML and DL Modeling, Data Science


Henry Soo
Mike Qureshi


Naseem Zaman
Finance Director

MBA, MSc and BSc 


Team Members

Nabeel KM
Head of Engineering

B.Tech - ME

Akash Johns
Senior Design Engineer

B.E - ME

Ephraim Allen
Senior Electronics Engineer


Zina Zhang
International Procurement Manager

B.A - Business English

Junior Electronics Engineer


Mohamed Sanaz
Graphic Designer

Diploma - Graphic Design

Geetha Suresh
HR Manager

MBA - HR , B.Sc. - CS

Megala Viswanathan
Embedded Engineer

B.Tech - ECE