Our Story

Our Story

The starting point of our company was solving an immediate, almost completely ignored problem in the world today. That problem has a name – Phantom Load. One of the most amazing things about this Phantom Load is how pervasive it is in our everyday life. Everytime you turn off your TV, unplug your phone from a charger, stop using your microwave, or even turn off your lights – you are suffering from this very real problem.

Reducing carbon,

is easy.

Did you know that approximately 5-10% of your ENTIRE energy bill goes to paying for unused power, resulting in billions of excess C02 emissions worldwide? Each appliance in each outlet can waste 1-16 watts per day, and the problem scales with the scale of the energy and appliance usage.


It is our mission to eliminate Phantom Load from the world. To reduce the amount of electricity wasted, to make living more affordable for our communities, and to make a positive and lasting change on the environment.

We are building a community at the forefront of the green revolution and we want you to join us.